Music Aptitude Practice Test

Targeted, MAT Test Pitch digital audio download


This single MAT Practice Test comprises 40 multiple choice test questions in two parts and targets those areas in Pitch that students can find more challenging. Part 1 & 2 each consist of 20 questions with intervals of no more than a tone apart with particular emphasis on microtones, semitones and notes that sound the same second time around. Part 2 provides further practice.

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Targeted MAT Practice Tests to help your child prepare for the Music Aptitude Test and provide further practice and consolidation. Designed to complement our Introductory, Intermediate & Higher Level Tests.

A set of targeted tests that focus on particular areas within each test section that students can find more challenging.

Our digital audio downloads are professionally recorded and use acoustic instruments for all music test extracts to simulate the Music Aptitude Test rather than computerised sounds. Can be purchased as single or multipack practice tests.

After your purchase you will receive a confirmation email with downloadable link comprising one mp3 audio download and separate question & answer sheet each in PDF format.

You can use your downloaded MAT Practice Test over 120 days on multiple devices and your download file will not expire.

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Targeted, MAT Test Pitch digital audio download”

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