Targeted Tests, multipack


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A set of targeted tests that focus on particular areas within each test section that students can find more challenging: Pitch, Melody, Rhythm 1, Rhythm 2, Texture 1 & Texture 2.

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Students can be particularly challenged when identifying the difference between a quarter tone (microtone) and a note that is sounded the same in the second playing. Further practice in this specific area can ‘fine tune’ the student’s aural/listening skills in order to recognise these micro changes in pitch.


In this test, some five note melodies can be made up of intervals no greater than a tone. It is these smaller changes in pitch that students can often find challenging to identify second time around. This target practice test focuses on same note melodies and those melodic lines with smaller changes in pitch.

Rhythm 1 & 2

When faster sounding rhythmic patterns are played (mainly quavers and semiquavers), students can find it difficult to place where the beat or pulse falls. Finding the beat or pulse needs to be absolutely precise in order to identify where the rhythmic pattern has changed second time around and if so, to identify which beat number is different. *

* For the SW Herts. Music Aptitude Test the beat/pulse is not sounded before the rhythmic extract is played. The challenge in this test is to find where the beat falls whilst attempting to note the beat number if there has been a rhythmic change.

Texture 1

One of the most challenging parts of this test is to be able to recognise the difference between 2 and 3 note chords. A two note chord lower in pitch can have more depth and resonance than a 3 note chord that is sounded higher in range. This practice test targets these more challenging areas in greater depth.

Texture 2

A further area of challenge in this test section is the recognition of 3 and 4 note chords which can often sound almost the same in texture and depth of sound. This practice test  focuses on 3 and 4 note chords only, in order to further reinforce potential differences in sound.



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