Enfield Grammar School Music Aptitude Test

Music Aptitude Test – practice test digital audio download with question & answer sheets

Enfield Grammar admits 9 boys (year 7 admission is 180) demonstrating an aptitude in music.

Stage 1: The first round aptitude test is approximately 40 minutes duration and does not require any formal knowledge of music theory. The test will cover questions on pitch, rhythm, texture and melody and will be performed on computers. Candidates will be notified in advance of the test date and venue.

Stage 2: Candidates who achieve the qualifying mark in the first round aptitude test will be invited to a second round individual test on their chosen instrument or vocally. The purpose of the second-round test is to assess the candidate’s capacity to learn or develop musical skills.

Enfield Grammar School
Parsonage Lane, Enfield, EN1 3SS

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Music Aptitude Test practice test single digital downloads
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