Music Aptitude Test sample

Here’s a sample of our Music Aptitude Test audio downloads.

This gives students, parents and carers a chance to hear a little slice of our music practice tests. We’ve taken the sample from our Intermediate tests along with a video presentation helping students through the process.

We’ve included two questions from each of the sections, Pitch, Melody, Rhythm and Texture (more about this our FAQ, Frequently Asked Questions page). We’ve added answers to the sample questions at the end of the video. All the Music Aptitude Test audio practice downloads are recorded to a professional standard.

Along with the Intermediate tests, there are also Introductory, Higher and Targeted tests. The Targeted tests focus on the individual areas – Pitch, Melody, Rhythm and Texture helping students get a very focused understanding of the part or parts of the test that they need more help in understanding.

We believe that the Music Aptitude Test practice downloads will be really helpful in helping your child get to grips with the 11 plus music tests.