Twyford Church of England High School

Music aptitude test information about Twyford C of E School, West London W3

Twyford C. of E. High School makes 19 places available each year for students applying for a place in Year 7 and with an identified natural aptitude for music.

A child can be awarded a specialist music place based on musical aptitude, irrespective of any prior instrumental or vocal tuition.

Round 1: Students will experience an unseen listening test designed to assess a students ability to discern and discriminate between different pitches, rhythms, chords and melodies. The test is carried out in the Twyford’s Performance centre under exam conditions and takes up to one hour. The first round is marked out of 60.

Round 2: The highest scoring students will be invited for a second formal assessment within the Music College. They will be given a series of aural tests during which time they will be required to clap or play back various rhythms and pitches using classroom instruments. They will also listen to some recordings and identify instruments being used. This will take approximately 20 minutes. The second round is marked out of 40.

Round 1 & 2 scores are added together and a list of final results in descending order will be compiled. Those ranked in places 1 to 19 will be notified on National Offer Day (early march) that they have been offered a music place.

Twyford Church of England High School
Twyford Crescent, West London W3 9PP

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