The Latymer School Music Aptitude Test

Archbishop Blanch C of E School in Liverpool, Merseyside

The Latymer School admits up to 20 places (year 7 admission number 192) to those applicants who show exceptional musical talent.

Exceptional musical talent can be demonstrated on any instrument/s (including voice) based on assessment with a recognised board such as ABRSM and Trinity. Applicants should usually have achieved at least Grade 5 distinction level, but this will depend on the instrument as well as previous opportunity and experience. Having a Grade 5 distinction is not automatic entry to the school.

Some applicants may not have reached Grade 5 distinction as a result of their starting point, but this should not prohibit applicants from applying under the music criterion.

There is no music test for Latymer, but the school may audition no more than 32 applicants in order to gauge musicality. The school’s decision to audition applicants (or not) or to offer music places is final. The number of applicants admitted under this criterion can vary from year to year but is capped at 20.

Those seeking these places have to sit the entrance tests in any case and governors must be convinced that the student can access the Latvmer curriculum at the same pace as all other students.

Applicants applying under exceptional musical talent must be in the Top 700 in the tests.

The Latymer School
Haselbury Road, Edmonton, London, N9 9TN

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