King David High School Music Aptitude Test

King David High School admits 17 children (year 7 admissions 110) who demonstrate an aptitude for music

Successful applicants will be encouraged to demonstrate a commitment to enhance the musical life of the school and to continue throughout their schooling with his/her commitment to musical education.

Stage 1: The assessment will be in two parts. The first part assesses the musical aptitude of the student through their responses to aural and listening examples. This assessment is conducted through an online assessment that will be completed on the school site, on a specified date and under exam conditions. Students will be played various musical examples and will have questions to answer through an online form. Each student will have their own computer to complete the answers. 

Stage 2: Students who achieve the required mark in this first online assessment are then invited to submit a video recording of a practical piece on any instrument of their choice and this forms the second part of the assessment. Marks for both parts of the assessment are then combined to form the final mark. Parents will then be informed of the total score and the rank order of the pupils who have taken the assessment.

King David High School
Childwall Road, Liverpool, L15 6WU

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