Chancellor’s School Music Aptitude Test

Chancellor’s School allocates 21 places (year 7 admission number is 210) on the basis of both a written musical aptitude test and a performance musical aptitude test. 

The musical aptitude test is in two parts, both parts must be completed in order to be considered for a Musical Aptitude place. All students who apply under this criterion will be invited to sit a written aptitude test in music, followed by a performance in their chosen instrument (including vocal). The written test does not require any formal knowledge of musical theory. 

Stage 1: This initial stage is a written test taken with other children and is approximately 15 minutes in length. The test is based entirely on aural/listening responses. There are four test sections Pitch, Melody, Texture and Rhythm and there are 60 questions in total.

Stage 2: For the second stage, candidates will be required to complete a musical performance aptitude test. Each child is allocated a 5 minute slot to perform on their preferred instrument/s (voice included). There is a totally free choice of piece(s), enabling candidates of all cultures an equal chance to succeed. They may also perform on more than one instrument if they prefer.

Chancellor’s School
Pine Grove, Brookmans Park, Hatfield AL9 7BN

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