The Belvedere Academy Music Aptitude Test

The Belvedere Academy in Liverpool
L8 music aptitude test information

In accordance with its specialism, the Belvedere Academy will allocate 10% of places (year 7 admission number is 180) to those children who demonstrate an aptitude to learn Music.

Applicants wishing to be considered for a music specialism place will be required to sit a 30 minutes multiple choice listening test.  Specialist Music places will be allocated in test score order and, in the event of a tie for places, allocation will be done on a random basis. Music aptitude places (10%) will be allocated before banding is applied.

Parents or guardians who would like their daughter to be considered for a Music specialism place need to declare this on the online application form, as this is an opt-in test.

The Belvedere Academy
17 Belvidere Road, Princes Park, Liverpool L8 3TF

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