Archbishop Blanch School Music Aptitude Test

Archbishop Blanch C of E School in Liverpool, Merseyside offers 9 places (admission number is 180 students), based on a student’s aptitude for music.

As part of the admissions process, parents who wish their child to be considered for a specialist music place into year 7 will be invited to attend an assessment held in 2 stages.

The tests are used to determine a student’s natural aptitude in music and not ability and are overseen by external music teachers (please note that singing/voice is also classed as an instrument). It is not a requirement to be able to read sheet music in order to be considered for musical aptitude place.

If successful, there will be an expectation that your child to be committed to musical involvement in the school throughout their time at Archbishop Blanch.

Stage 1: This first stage of the assessment takes place at Archbishop Blanch school and students will be required to sit a simple aural test in PITCH and RHYTHM. Only those students who score in the top 50% will be invited to stage 2.

Stage 2: Those applicants invited to stage 2 will be asked to perform a short piece and this takes place via Zoom.

Archbishop Blanch C of E School
80 Earle Road, Liverpool, Merseyside L7 6HQ

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